About Us

Super Universal Waste LLC dba U-Waste Recycling Solutions (U-WRS) is a Universal Waste Management company that provides recycling solutions to a broad customer base throughout the country. The innovative recycling solutions we bring to market are created and implemented with an understanding of the impact our company has on the environment. We provide our customers with innovative recycling programs that promote environmental responsibility. We ensure that the recycling of our customer’s Universal Waste and Electronics are compliant with all State, Federal and local government regulations.

U-Waste Recycling Solutions is permitted through the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) as a Large Quantity Handler of Universal Waste (LQHUW) for one year of UW Storage. We collect, store and transfer Universal Waste Lamps, Batteries, Mercury Containing Devices and Ballasts for final disposition to permitted, State approved off-site Recyclers. U-WRS also receives and process electronic materials in compliance with TCEQ Regulations. Super Universal Waste LLC personnel have over 30 years experience in the field of Hazardous and Universal Waste Management.

We offer services to our customers that help to protect our environment by recycling and is safeguarding the hazardous effects of chemicals in landfills. We offer Secure Data Destruction either at our facility or at your location.

We have our own transportation vehicles that can arrive at your location to collect the recyclable materials in most cases within 48 hours.